June 16, 2020 •

During these unusual times, helping retailers open and operate their stores safely is our top priority. And as mission-critical facilities like data centers and other key maintenance-level infrastructure services are facing unprecedented challenges, we’re working to support the people behind those systems and help retailers make the most of their open hours. We're here to keep store operations running smoothly and for us, that’s a holistic approach.

Here’s how we are leveraging our services offerings to help retailers reopen:

Reopening support: For retailers who have temporarily closed brick and mortar locations, we can help clean and make necessary in-store updates to ensure they can successfully reboot operations when it’s time for them to open again.

Real-time health and operations insights: Through offerings such as Proactive Availability Services (PAS), retailers can get insights through a remote monitoring service that assess store health, detects issues, and provides time sensitive and actionable insights as the technology learns, using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. This moves retailers from reacting to problems to being proactive, with the ultimate goal of predicting problems before they happen.

Deployment services: For retailers who have temporarily closed their stores and are continuing to stay closed, we can provide support for large projects that they might not have had the capacity to tackle before, like remodels, upgrades, IMACs activity and more.  

Wall-to-wall maintenance: To help streamline maintenance processes and ensure that an entire store can stay be as available as possible, we maintain multiple vendor devices; including Toshiba’s, other in-store IOT connected devices and other third-party solutions.

Maintenance solutions: For Toshiba business partners and clients, our maintenance solutions can take some of the pressure off of IT technicians – especially for self-maintainers who want to get back to focusing on their core retail business.

Command Center operations: A complete help desk solution that serves as a repository for information flow, Toshiba’s command center supports retailers with monitoring, predictive analytics and hardware/firmware support, which enables retailers to redirect up in-house technicians’ priorities and labor. 

Secure Remote Access and Remote Resolve: A tactic that can be used to support a retailers’ existing IT team, our remote access and resolve services help retailers resolve problems without the risk and expense of deploying a service technician to a physical location.   

Preventative maintenance: On self-checkout and point-of-sale equipment, we have found that doing preventative maintenance on bill recyclers has decreased service calls by about 25%, allowing retailers to keep more lanes available, for longer.

Problem mitigation and issue resolution: From client to cloud, we give retailers visibility into their systems that they may have lost in recent weeks if they’ve had to close, and the comfort of knowing up front if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Toshiba’s services portfolio is designed to keep retailers safe, secure and ready to take on the challenges ahead. To learn more about how our services teams can help retailers keep their stores running smoothly and how we could support your business, explore our services offerings.

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