TCx® Display

Enhance the user experience for associates and customers with point-of-sale displays designed to complement your total solution. With real-world use cases in mind, we made the TCx Display tough, versatile, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Meet the TCx® Display.

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About This Item

General Info

  • Optional built-in USB-C allows for seamless future upgrades
  • Enhanced swivel for more flexibility at the checkout counter
  • Engineered to reduce glare
  • Optional audio brings multimedia content to life
  • Made of recycled materials, packed in recycled, post-consumer waste
  • Option to disable unused ports enhances device security

        *Based on 2019 data and internal testing



Sealed to protect delicate inner components from harsh retail environments and routine accidents, like impacts or spills


Digital inputs allow you to seamlessly upgrade your peripherals in the future while preserving your existing solution.


Robust projected capacitance (PCap) touchscreen with multi-touch technology can be used with a stylus, finger or credit card


Firmware is flashable for updates, fixes and enhancements

While the TCx Display was created in a lab, we made sure it could thrive outside of one too. Retail and hospitality environments are notoriously unpredictable, so the TCx Display is completely sealed to protect inner components from dirt, dust, liquids, and other unexpected substances. And if your point-of-sale display requires a little more customization, flexibility is a key part of the TCx Display’s design. If you need to change peripherals, you can do so without disassembling the display.

Enhanced options include:

  •  iButton Reader
  •  Magnetic Stripe Reader
  •  Fingerprint Reader
  •  Keypad with MSR and keylock


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TCx® Display Specifications:

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