Retail-Hardened Advantage

As retail businesses grow and expand, system reliability becomes even more vital. As you add more checkout lanes and stores, small failures that might have once been considered minor problems can quickly become unmanageable. We know that retailers can’t afford disruptions caused by common hazards. That's why we engineer retail-hardened solutions, which can help retailers maintain high uptime, complete more transactions, and minimize technical support costs. Now you can see why our solutions can work almost anywhere.

Extreme Temperature Testing: Specialty

Can your point-of-sale stand up to sweltering heat and frigid cold? From beachside shops to ski resorts, it's critical for retailers that their investment works - no matter where in the world they might be. Reliability and durability are critical factors when you are investing in point-of-sale solution, and we test our solutions rigorously to make sure they're tough enough for your stores. 

Watch how our systems endure even more extreme temperatures

Fluid Resistance Testing: Hospitality

If the idea of a big spill taking down your point-of-sale solution during peak hours keeps you awake at night, it’s time to consider Toshiba hardware. Fluid spills are a way of life in retail, so we make sure that our solutions can withstand large amounts of liquids. That way, you can simply mop up the mess and continue to serve your customers.

Watch how our systems withstand those unexpected spills

Chemical Resistance Testing: Specialty

To keep associates and customers safe and healthy, your point-of-sale solution needs to be cleaned consistently. Toshiba point-of-sale hardware is tested to ensure that our solutions can work safely after they have been sanitized with various household cleaning solutions – just like they would be in your stores. 

Watch how our systems hold up to the even most relentless cleaning

Fluid Resistance Testing: Grocery

Grocery is notorious for having common spills during checkout. Imagine a big spill down during peak hours. Yikes! When you’re investing in POS hardware you need the most reliable and durable technology you can get. That's why we put ours through rigorous testing to make sure it's tough enough for your store.

Watch how liquids won’t become a flood of problems for your systems

Lint and Dust Testing: Specialty

Lint and dust are everywhere, but when it accumulates in a point-of-sale system, the results can be catastrophic. Our hardware is designed to keep lint and dust out of the device, and we test it extensively to ensure retailers never have to give buildup a second thought. 

Watch how our systems hold up to even the most relentless cleaning