Augmented Training Experience (ATx)

Retail is evolving quickly, so it’s time to augment the way retailers deliver training. With ATx Services from Toshiba, retailers will have the power to deliver simulated, tailored, and intuitive equipment training through an interactive Augmented Training Experience.


Delivers flexible anytime, anywhere training through an accessible app available on iOS and Android.


Create a library of relevant training modules providing instruction to support your specific retail environment.


Simulated step-by-step courses provide easy-to-follow virtual training for installation, repair, and servicing.

Being one of the newest stores to rollout self checkouts, our staff has come a long way in learning the system with ATx. After three months, we have started hiring new associates and ATx has enabled us to train and promote cashiers to self checkout attendants with easy learning.

Store Manager, Gainsville TX, Albertson's

Anytime Anywhere Training

ATx Services replaces outdated, inefficient, text-heavy equipment manuals with timesaving, easy-to-follow app-based training using augmented reality. Compatible with various handheld devices including mobile phones and tablets so retailers can provide flexibility for managers, associates, and technicians to learn more effectively at their own pace.

Modular Based Courses

Develop a custom library of relevant course modules that provide your workforce with the training required to support your specific in-store solutions. As your business evolves and your solutions expand or change, ATx Services can easily be updated over time to include new training content designed for you.

Intuitive Learning Features

In store Self-service repair made simpler through digital instructions utilizing video training, interactive learning, and repair simulation. “Quick fix” features designed to help your team keep checkout lanes up and running.

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