Catch problems before they create issues for your store and your customers.

Understanding your store’s equipment has never been more important and just knowing about a problem isn’t always enough – you also need to be able to investigate further and resolve problems before these problems become issues for your customers. 

Back to basics

Getting the fundamentals of your physical IT infrastructure is crucial. So many parts of your business - time to market, service delivery, ability to compete, customer care, communication, customer experience and more - depend on it.

Keep your business and your customers safe

Security can erode more easily than you think; firewall rules change, and open ports don't subsequently get closed, a reconfiguration happens, personnel changes, and suddenly, your once-secure network may have a few unwanted holes, leaving your business open to security breaches. Mapping and understanding your store infrastructure, in its current state, is the best way to mitigate cybersecurity or performance issues.

Simplifying IT work

Technology can be pervasive, complex, and dynamic. End users can be demanding, and retail businesses need constant access to an ever-expanding ecosystem of applications and infrastructure. And extinguishing one preventable fire after another isn’t a good use of your team’s time. With Toshiba’s services management solutions, you can shift to a proactive approach today and ultimately predictive tomorrow. 


Netop Remote Control

Learn how Netop Remote Control helps retailers access and manage systems remotely and securely.

Toshiba System Management Brochure

Toshiba’s modular approach to systems management gives you the flexibility to choose a solution design that meets your needs and can complement your retail IT solutions with a platform that’s designed for retail’s nuances and specialized equipment.

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