The business is led by Scott Maccabe, President and CEO of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Scott maintains offices in North Carolina and California.

CEO Scott Maccabe

The Business

The company’s executive offices are based in Research Triangle Park, N.C., with sales offices throughout the world. There are over 2,000 employees working for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions serving over 120 countries worldwide.

Our clients include 60% of top 25 retailers worldwide
Over 3.5 million POS units installed globally
Over 1 million lanes of Retail POS Software worldwide
#1 installed worldwide share of EPOS hardware

Our Partners

Toshiba is a partner-driven business. A network of outstanding partners has helped build our success. Together, we are committed to a mutually beneficial relationship grounded in a shared goal of innovation, growth, and profitable commercial success. Through our Together Commerce Alliance Program,which includes more than 1,000 business partners operating in over 70 countries selling on our behalf, our retail solutions are brought to market to empower retailers to deliver more enjoyable and personalized shopping experiences.

The Portfolio

Toshiba has become a leader by combining the right mix of proven solutions, innovative capabilities, and expertise that retailers need to better engage their customers. We make that possible by delivering total solutions from our portfolios of hardware, software, and services designed for retail. That means we equip you with solutions that are designed for speed, security, availability, and flexibility to help address the unique needs of your business across a broad range of retail environments, including grocery, mass merchandising, hospitality, specialty, convenience and department stores.

Focused on people

Toshiba is committed to creating retail store experiences that support people today; as a result, we focus on mobility, store, and omni-channel integration. Join our team.

Driven to design

We believe in long-term, sustainable value which is only made possible by integrated, cutting-edge, end to end solution design.

Invested in innovation

As a leading provider of retail technology, Toshiba believes in next-level innovation; we get there with significant investments in retail and R&D.

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