TCx® Elevate Quick Service Application

Deliver a fast, convenient experience for customers to place quick services food orders on a self-service kiosk.

Meet TCx® Elevate Quick Service Application.

About This Item

General Info

  • Empower customers and provide a more personalized experience
  • Improve operations by seamlessly and quickly channeling orders for delivery
  • Reduce training time and limits errors with easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Leverage self-service capabilities to add on sales and increase revenue
  • Free up back-of-house staff to focus on quality and impeccable customer service


Self-service has been shown to boost basket size by up to 6%


Choose when, where and how associates perform their work


Intuitive, easy-to-use app lets associates focus on engaging with customers


Fast, easy ordering and fulfillment result in more orders and loyal customers

Brilliant Commerce Experience

The TCx Elevate Digital Commerce Platform brings all of your channels, touchpoints and applications together to create seamless customer experiences.

Built for Speed

The Quick Service Application is built for speed and agility. And when it comes to food service, speed is essential; customers expect their food hot and ready to go in minutes. That's why we made this web-based application easy for retailers to tailor and deploy. Based on your customers' needs, store layout and more, you can create the experience that works best for your business. The result? Your customers get a visual touch interface that makes it easy to place and revise an order, pay, grab their receipt and go.


Download Specifications

Software requirements for Toshiba TCx® Elevate Solution:

TCx Elevate WebPOS:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 CSD2 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above

TCx Elevate POS Enablement Platform:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above
  • SA Version S001 or later
  • GSA Version Q001 or later

Hardware requirements for Toshiba TCx® Elevate Solution

TCx Elevate WebPOS and TCx® Elevate Enablement Platform: 

  • Enhanced Controllers: 4800-C45/C85, 4900-C46/C86 or above with 4GB of memory. Controller with solid state disk is recommended.
  • Enhanced Terminal: Minimum 4800-745 and above with 4GB memory, suitable to support one or two touch displays
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