Webinar: Building Agility & Resiliency

November 18, 2020 -
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Hospitality & restaurant operators have been forced to redefine their models in the face of an unforeseen foe: COVID-19. As restrictions are slowly being lifted, it is obvious that the industry must reassess the best strategies for operating going forward. It is critical that front-end solutions, including POS, offer flexible operating options that remove pain points vs. adding to them.

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In this interactive video webinar join industry insights firm Incisiv along with experts from Custom Business Solutions and Toshiba as we outline strategies for operators to:

  • Create agility and resiliency by taking an ‘all-in-one’ approach to front-end solutions
  • Build a flexible experience that is aligned with customer and associate expectations
  • Be better prepared in an environment prone to major disruptive events such as pandemics or natural disasters