Drakes Foodland isn’t just an Australian food retailer serving up a gourmet grocery shopping experience. The largest privately owned independent grocery retailer in Australia, Drakes operates over 50 stores with over 600 POS lanes. The retailer employs over 5500 staff, and has a loyal customer base in its communities.

Drakes is a privately owned group of stores that operates under the Foodland and IGA brand umbrellas in Australia. Each store intimately connects with its local community and customers by supplying only products each of the Drakes’ communities want. The stores foster a sense of reliability among its patrons, and it was with this concern that Drakes turned to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions when it decided to upgrade its POS systems.

Being one of the local favorites, Edwardstown Drakes wanted an absolute guarantee that there were to be minimal interruptions in their daily service during their POS upgrades. It was vital for the store to remain fully operational and continue serving clients without delay, while still ensuring staff were promptly trained and equipped to use the new equipment to its fullest capacity. There was no room for error, and it was clear they wanted no staff and no customers to be impacted.

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