TCx7-RT1 Telematic Fiscal Printer

A versatile printer developed for telematic payment transmission, the Toshiba TCx7-RT1 Telematic Fiscal Printer features innovative technology for fee transformation while functioning as a fiscal printer and a cash register. (Available only in Italy.)

Meet the TCx7-RT1 Telematic Fiscal Printer.

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About This Item

General Info

  • Ergonomic, compact and minimalist design
  • Easy loading and auto-cutter with partial or total cut
  • Near paper end sensor adjustable from 15 mm to 20 mm
  • Retractable service keyboard with 28 capacity buttons and backlight display
  • Auto-calibration system minimizes manual interventions
  • Automatic recovery and restart after a power failure

        *Based on 2019 data and internal testing



USB, micro USB, serial, ethernet and optional WiFi provide multiple options for connecting POS systems


Available with 58 and 80mm print head, print barcodes, QR codes and graphics on non-fiscal documents


Four ports for keyboards and displays: Two RS232-1 USB ports, one microUSB and one ethernet


Provided for the latest operating systems and peripherals

Designed for You

Looking for flexibility, fit, reliability and security? The TCx 800 is designed for you.


Download Specifications

Key Technical specifications :

  • Print Speed 200 mm/s
  • Thermal print head from 58 e 80 mm
  • Print density 576 dots/line
  • Paper roll diameter 80mm and using an optional redactor 58/60 mm
  • Paper Width: 80mm
  • Partial and complete paper cut
  • Cutter Life: 2,0 mln. of cut
  • Print Head Life: 100Km
  • Number of characters per line: 41 (font standard)
  • Number of transmissions of payments: 3000
  • Permanent Detailed Memory (DGFE) dimension: 8GB (replaceable) up to 256 GB
  • Paper end sensor
  • Near paper end sensor(adjustable from 15mmto20mm)
  • Always on (automatic recovery and restart after a power failure)
  • Paper feed button
  • Error reset button
  • Optional deferred printing
  • Header Logo for fiscal and non-fiscal printing programmable (optional printing from driver on nonfiscal document)
  • Cash drawer port RJ11 with drawer status open/close sensor
  • Cutter with auto-cutter with partial or total cut (controlled by driver)
  • Buzzer
  • Barcode printing (EAN13, EAN8, CODE39, EAN128, QRCODE)
  • Graphical printing on nonfiscal documents
  • Fiscal documents (invoices, credit notes, 12 VAR rates 6 of which for exemptions)
  • Led printer status (on, error, no paper)
  • 7 header lines programmable
  • External power supply (24V 3A)
  • Pull-out Service keyboard with 28 capacity buttons and a 2x16 back light display

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