TCx® Sky Operating System

A retail-optimized operating system that’s designed to excel in the high-availability, high-stakes retail environment, giving you the peace of mind to operate your stores reliably and securely.

Meet TCx® Sky Operating System.

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General Info

  • 64-bit commercial-grade Linux 8 retail optimized infrastructure
  • Multiple controller feature keeps your store online in the event of a hardware failure
  • Virtual controller feature for enterprise server consolidation
  • Docker and Linux containers give you more control over new applications
  • Python scripting development environment makes implementing new functions easy
  • Open-source Mbrowser 52.2, packed with security features 


Audit and block unwanted and/or unknown files by monitoring file integrity and creating a whitelist of approved files for increased security


Network load of diagnostics quickly find problems, with additional tools that cut debugging time to minimize outages


Update your in-store technology on-site or remotely with the USB device port


Integrated design and systems support cloud development while minimizing the need for costly and high-maintenance peripherals

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Increased Security

Customers are increasingly concerned with protecting their data. They want to know that when they swipe their credit card in your store or share their email address with you, their information will be safe. There are many steps to creating a more secure retail enterprise, and that process begins with the operating system. With TCx Sky, you can be sure that your enterprise data and customer data are safe and secure. TCx Sky’s industry-standard Linux secure shell provides strong authentication and secure encrypted data. Additionally, all communication between the client and server systems is encrypted. Combined with a centralized security management dashboard and streamlined workflows, TCx Sky works seamlessly to protect your business against the latest vulnerabilities and keep your systems available, reliable and secure..


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Toshiba TCx® Sky Technical Requirements:

Hardware Requirements
  • Minimum 2GB of memory
  • 64-bit enabled processor and chipset
  • 64GB or greater HDD/SSD for Controller
  • 64GB or greater HDD/SSD for Terminals that utilize an HDD/SSD

System Units Supported

Name   Machine Type   Model
TCx®810   6201   25C, 253, 255, 257, 26C, 263, 265, 267, 29C, 293, 295, 297
TCx®800   6200   10C, 11C, 13C, 103, 113, 133, 105, 115, 135, 107, 117, 137
TCxWave®   6140   100, 120, A3R, 14C, 145, 15C, 155
TCx®700   4900   746, 786, C46, C86
SurePOS 700   4900   745, 785, C45, C85
SurePOS 700   4800   C43, F43, 743, 783, C84, 784
TCx®300   4810   360, 370, 380
SurePOS 300   4810   350

Select models of the following IBM / Lenovo Series x servers*

  • HS23 Blade Server
  • HS12 Blade Server
  • x3250M5
  • x3100M5
  • x3300M4
  • x3250M4
  • x3100M4

Software Requirements

  • Java applications must be able to run on TDK8 (OpenJDK8 based)*see note 
  • OS will run on Linux layer
  • OS (Linux layer) extensions must be validated in 64-bit environment
  •  Remote Management Agent V3.2.2 (now sold separately)

Note: The functions providing an interface to serial devices from Java is deprecated and will be removed from TCx Sky packages at the end of 2019.  RxTx , an open source alternative, is provided in TCx Sky V1.2 to allow applications sufficient time to make the needed changes to move to the new interface.

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