2x20 Display

With our 2x20 LCD Display, you can connect with your customers in new, interesting ways. Give shoppers relevant information during checkout and show them a real-time display of their purchases – all on a stylish, easy-to-read display.

Meet the 2x20 Display.

Download 2x20 Display Technical Specifications

About This Item

General Info

  • Displays price or advertising info
  • Optional powered USB for easy peripheral upgrades
  • Available with LCD backlit technology for high-contrast visibility 
  • Easily adaptable to any POS configuration
  • Three versions: 2x20 Single Sided Character, Dual Sided 2x20 Character, APA (All Points Addressable)


Available in both center and flagpole mounting for easy adaptability to any POS configuration


Improved customer engagement awareness with every transaction


Intuitive construction makes replacing and upgrading parts easier