ELERA® Loss Prevention

The ELERA® Loss Prevention solution is an integrated SCO loss prevention solution that uses Toshiba EDGE cameras mounted on SCO hardware. Built on the new ELERA IoT platform, ELERA Loss Prevention demonstrates the power of moving smart devices to the edge and enhancing them with A.I. capabilities that are deployed through Toshiba’s state of the art TCx® EDGEcam+.

Meet ELERA® Loss Prevention.

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About This Item

General Info

  • Creates a faster and more frictionless checkout experience for customers
  • Equipped for fast action edge computing and interaction between scans 
  • Capable of over-the-air updates to software and firmware configurations
  • Removes transactional delays as data processes within the camera


Improve security without increasing friction


Reduce shrink from mistake or fraud


Increase responsive recognition performed on the camera


Reduce training and staffing needs to maintain security

Address Shrink

ELERA Loss Prevention runs on neural networks that monitor customer behaviors and trigger self-checkout software to intervene on potential loss prevention activities such as not scanning. The integration of A.I., computer vision, and Toshiba’s state-of-the-art TCx®️ EDGEcam+ allows retailers across the globe to address shrink due to customer behavior. 

With ELERA Loss Prevention, retailers can feel empowered with actionable insights, enabling them to detect and minimize shrink, boost performance, protect assets, and analyze customer behavior in real-time.


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