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Evolving your business to respond more quickly to the changing needs of your associates and customers is key. It requires an integrated digital commerce platform that brings all your channels, touchpoints, and apps together so you can create engaging customer experiences, improve productivity, and increase profits.

Meet TCx® Elevate.

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General Info

  • Implement innovative and impactful technologies at your own pace
  • Unify your existing commerce infrastructure without modifying your underlying business logic or process
  • Streamline common store operations with convenient terminal utilities and applications
  • Add convenient services like curbside pickup, tent sales and buy-on-line-pick-up-in-store
  • Reduce customer wait times with pre-scan and associate line-busting capabilities
  • Leverage the TCx Elevate Toolkit to develop, integrate and scale new applications 


Introduce new capabilities and third-party applications effectively, efficiently and on your schedule


Implement new ways to engage and motivate shoppers while improving business outcomes


Add to existing Toshiba POS environments without modifying core business logic reducing IT impact


Encourages local deployment, personalization and implementation with a global approach to commerce

Brilliant Commerce Experience

The TCx Elevate Digital Commerce Platform brings all of your channels, touchpoints and applications together to create seamless customer experiences.

TCx Elevate can help

As the retail industry continues to evolve, brands will need to find new ways to connect with shoppers and anticipate their needs. Whether you’re a TCx® Sky client or a 4690 client, TCx Elevate can help you expand your capability beyond internal retail development work. Utilizing a common toolkit which promotes self-enablement, this platform makes it easy for you to unlock the power of your existing systems and their capabilities, or ensure you’re getting the most out of the applications you already use.


Download Specifications

Software requirements for Toshiba TCx® Elevate Solution:

TCx Elevate WebPOS:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 CSD2 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above

TCx Elevate POS Enablement Platform:

  • 4690 OS (Enhanced version - V6R5 and above)
  • ACE V7R5 and above
  • SI V4R1 and above
  • SA Version S001 or later
  • GSA Version Q001 or later

Hardware requirements for Toshiba TCx® Elevate Solution

TCx Elevate WebPOS and TCx® Elevate Enablement Platform: 

  • Enhanced Controllers: 4800-C45/C85, 4900-C46/C86 or above with 4GB of memory. Controller with solid state disk is recommended.
  • Enhanced Terminal: Minimum 4800-745 and above with 4GB memory, suitable to support one or two touch displays
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