Keeping your systems up and running is mission-critical. Whether you need traditional hardware break/fix support, multi-vendor wall-to-wall maintenance plans, proactive monitoring, or augmented training, we're here to keep your stores operating smoothly.


Augmented Training Experience (ATx)

Retail is evolving quickly, so it’s time to augment the way retailers deliver training. With ATx Services from Toshiba, retailers will have the power to deliver simulated, tailored, and intuitive equipment training through an interactive Augmented Training Experience.

Proactive Availability Services

It’s time for retailers to activate intelligence about their retail store systems that result in better and more actionable insights. As you continue to redefine what it means to be a brilliant retailer, we’re building and monitoring the systems to support you.

Maintenance Services

We are committed to equipping retailers with innovative tools & technology, delivering exceptional store support, and quickly resolving issues in order to ensure efficient and effective end-to-end operations.