ELERA® Commerce Platform

Empowers retailers of all sizes to address industry challenges through continuous innovation by providing a more agile and scalable solution that leads to a path of frictionless commerce.

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What Makes ELERA® Unique

Change and adapt at the speed of customer expectations through relentless experimentation. The ELERA Commerce Platform is the first unified commerce architecture for cross-channel retailers - built from scratch for the digital age.


Centralize and control data using a system that supports industry cloud environments.


Build on existing environments without disrupting critical business operations.


Stay ahead of the competition by having the flexibility to scale and grow easily.


Add new capabilities quickly using advanced analytics to fill gaps or respond to opportunities..

Designed for You

A platform that helps retailers build new experiences, ELERA is accelerating a frictionless future for retail

Is ELERA® Right for Me?

Align your Unified Commerce Platform to your business strategy, not the other way around. With ELERA® you can:

Flexibly use ELERA® as your Unified Commerce Platform, as a point solution for a specific use-case, or as a reference architecture to transform your business.
Gain total technological and financial freedom with a cloud, hardware, and deployment agnostic technology architecture.
Have total control over your platform - from fully managed to fully self-managed, and everything in between.
Deliver unified commerce capability on top of your existing store infrastructure.

Customer Testimonials

"We’ve selected the ELERA platform to efficiently enhance our overall customer experience because it supports scalability in deploying customer-focused solutions"

- CIO/Senior Vice President at Weis

"Our customers are already experiencing the ELERA® transformation. Not only have they realized business benefits such as reduced self-checkout times, improved loss prevention, and incredibly fast deployments of new technology, they've experienced the freedom and excitement of relentlessly experimenting with the new ideas that they can rapidly iterate and scale across all channels, devices, and systems."

Commerce With

ELERA® adapts to exponential change and pivot at the speed of today's high-velocity consumer innovation. With ELERA®, you can enable many concurrent experimentations targeted to test new technologies and business use cases. Eliminate the need for development “blackouts,” allowing you to innovate continuously and fearlessly and build a future-proof foundation for digital transformation.


Deliver Unified Commerce capability on top of your existing store infrastructure, eliminating the need for disruptive rip & replace strategies.

Increase speed-to-market: Shorten time-to-value for targeted experiences by utilizing pre-built use-case applications or by rapidly deploying new use-cases through accelerators and low-code development.

Build incrementally from your starting point: Use modular components and a common core architecture to quickly activate new use cases regardless of where you start your journey.


Ensure experiences work as designed regardless of deployment choices, especially during peak demand or tough conditions.

Edge use-cases: Easily accommodate edge use cases that reflect the uniqueness of your customer experience.

New experiences not possible before: Deliver new experiences through never-before real-time integration and orchestration across channels.


Differentiate through experience innovation and quality of execution by integrating digital and physical experiences like never before. With ELERA® , you can bring together all necessary technology in a unifying architecture to enable the reusability of foundational components for a virtually unlimited number of use cases. Bring your brick-and-mortar stores to the digital age by creating a digital twin of all store assets and endpoints and power unified experiences across touchpoints and channels by unifying all underlying data and technology components.


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ELERA® Commerce Platform Hardware and Software Requirements when installing/running in the retail store:

Minimum Hardware requirements for the In-Store Server:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3-2120
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Hard Disk: 64G SSD

Minimum Hardware requirements for an In-Store VM:

  • Processor: 2 virtual processor cores
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Disk Space: 64GB

OS Requirements for In-Store Servers::

  • Toshiba TCx Sky V1R2 SP2+
  • Windows 10
  • Linux 64-bit Kernel Level 3.10+
  • Operating System must include Docker Support, OpenJDK8+ and a Browser supporting ES6 (ECMAScript6)

ELERA® Commerce Platform Hardware and Software Requirements when installing/running in the retail store:

Minimum Hardware requirements for the In-Store Server:

  1. If cloud is selected, any cloud platform can be used (GCP or Azure for example)
  2. All solutions (On Prem or Cloud) require the following:
  3. Rabbit MQ v3.8.3 or higher (or equivalent message bus)
  4. Mongo DB 4.2 (or equivalent DB)
  5. NGINX (or equivalent Ingress/proxy and Load Balancer SW)
  6. Kubernetes Cluster (v1.14 or higher) or equivalent