Build new in-store experiences and let technology guide the way

Today’s stores don’t just exist to help customers stock their pantries and tackle to-do lists – they’re in a unique position to deliver a personalized journey for customers.

Customer-focused experience

The store of the future is already here. The way retailers create personalized customer service experiences with state-of-the-art technology used to be a figment of our collective imagination. Now, that level of service is exactly what customers have come to expect.

Stay ahead of your customer’s expectations

Customers want retailers to employ the latest technology to help them shop; if it adds value to their experience and eliminates friction. Future-forward discussions about frictionless store must start and end with the customer’s needs.

It’s an evolution – not a light switch.

Creating a brilliant shopping experience doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why each solution Toshiba provides must work with retailer’s current fixtures and infrastructure. As excited as we are to see the future of retail technology, it can’t be rushed.


The Frictionless Store is Here

Toshiba is synchronizing IOT technologies powered at the true edge to solve real-world needs today around loss prevention, inventory and customer tracking, and more to create a path to frictionless.

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