TCx® Elevate Mobile Operations Manager

What improvements could you make in your store if you had a clearer view of your front end? With richer insights, you can become more responsive to your shopper’s needs and streamline front-end operations across point-of-sale and self-checkout lanes.

Meet TCx® Elevate Mobile Operations Manager.

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About This Item

General Info

  • Virtually monitored lane operations (within Wi-Fi range)
  • Transaction status displayed in real-time
  • Responsive design supporting a variety of devices
  • Intuitive UI focused on usability, readability, transaction prioritization, rapid response
  • Support for all self-checkout intervention types and basic POS functions
  • Manager dashboards track activity across your store
  • Windows Supported


Shopper assistants can now proactively interact with customers, which improves their experience and reduces shrink for the retailer


Extend job-specific functionality from desktops to handhelds to front-end terminals, allowing mobile capabilities to influence retailer business processes


Manager dashboards deliver real-time data that’s essential to making key business decisions


Operator-optimized, contextual menu provides a rich set of functions for shopper assistant

Brilliant Commerce Experience

The TCx Elevate Digital Commerce Platform brings all of your channels, touchpoints and applications together to create seamless customer experiences.

Be More Responsive

Toshiba’s Mobile Operations Manager Application serves as an overall view of the retailer’s front-end. The application captures data, facilitates notifications, and processes requests from traditional point-of-sale and self-checkout lanes. With Mobile Operations Manager, your staff can be more responsive to your customer’s needs; your managers can get a holistic view of the store’s activity, and your store can streamline operations while optimizing throughput.


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TCx® Elevate Ecosystem Program:

TCx Elevate Ecosystem includes applications developed by Toshiba, certified third-party retail software developers, and TCx Elevate software partners. Toshiba OS clients have the capability of extending the value of their investments by adding the TCx Elevate family of applications, which allows for the introduction of new capabilities more quickly to meet the need in today’s dynamic, fast-paced retail environment.

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