Retail Business Services, an Ahold Delhaize USA company, is a leader in the supermarket industry and well known for its eye toward innovation, passion for great food and dedication to delivering value to its customers. Retail Business Services had a goal from its local brand partners - to increase throughput, front-end lane utilization and improve the customer’s experience. Based on long-term relationships and proven capabilities, Retail Business Services turned to Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions and Getronics, plus other key partners to achieve their goals and vision for its stores. The result: a unique convertible lane that transforms checkout. 

All lanes open, all the time. 
Retail Business Services came to its partners with a clear vision: all lanes open, all the time. 

With convertible dual-use checkout lanes, Retail Business Services was able  to provide a technology solution to its brand partners to make the most of the square footage in stores by replacing attended lanes that were only used some of the time, with lanes that could be used 100% of the time for either self-service or cashier-led experiences. Through this solution, the stores can reduce lines during checkout and give customers the ability to choose the way they experience checkout; whether they want the personal touch of a cashier-attended lane, or the convenience and privacy of a self-checkout  lane – all while preserving the speed and full function of their existing attended lanes. 

“Our partnership together goes back many years, but this project exemplifies our relationship as trusted partners and leaders in the industry. Our commitment was not only to project success, but also positive impact on store operations and bottom line results,” said Bill Campbell, VP, Head of Americas at Toshiba.

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