What is the Together Commerce Alliance Program for ISV Partners?

The Toshiba ISV Partner Program provides an ideal set of benefits you can leverage to successfully develop, bring to market, sell, and deploy your differentiated point-of-sale or self-service retail software application(s). The program features capabilities to drive awareness of your solution, support to help test your solution on Toshiba Point-of-Sale and Self-Service Hardware, and opportunities to collaborate with our sellers to drive sales revenue and grow your business.

This program is for companies that develop or own the marketing rights to one or more point-of-sale or self-service software applications, have a validated deployment with a Toshiba point-of-sale or self-service hardware solution and promotes Toshiba as their partner.

Why Partner with Toshiba?

Toshiba is Committed to working with large, medium, and small-sized enterprises. We value the innovation that new and specialized companies create, and we put our full weight behind great ideas. The agility and diversity of our ISV community is a major asset to Toshiba’s client base. We also have a strong interest in the enduring success of our partners.

Toshiba ISVs benefit from the globally recognized Toshiba brand, portfolio and global customer and partner ecosystem. You can take advantage of the global tech and engineering support, joint marketing, and partner programs to deliver complete solutions. Strengthen your applications and extend your reach with Toshiba. By coupling our market-leading retail products with your innovative retail optimized software applications, we’re helping retailers make business-critical decisions and perform at their best.

Benefits to the ISV Partner
  • Leverage the Toshiba Brand - By using the ISV Provider logo within your marketing collateral and materials. This creates differentiation and provides a competitive advantage. Current and future retail customers will recognize that a relationship exists between you and Toshiba. They will realize that the solutions you offer meet the compatibility standards set forth for Toshiba hardware platforms.
  • Increase visibility to retail customers - Qualifying as a Toshiba ISV Partner allows you increased market exposure through links from Toshiba Web sites to your sites. Toshiba helps you promote your achievement through joint press releases. Plus, the Toshiba promotion of the ISV Partner program encourages retail customers to purchase solutions that bear these logos.
  • Create higher customer satisfaction - The Toshiba ISV Partner program provides retailers with peace of mind knowing that Toshiba has worked with the ISV partners to provide an exceptional, seamless user experience.
  • Take advantage of Toshiba resources - Participating in the Toshiba ISV Partner program provides you access to information, training, and resources to help you meet Toshiba compatibility requirements. Toshiba resources are available to answer and support questions related to the qualification of Toshiba hardware platforms. Access to the partner portal supplies the tools you need for relevant documentation, manuals, and hardware drivers to help you through the porting phase.
  • Optimize solution performance - The Toshiba ISV Partner program includes a comprehensive checklist that helps to ensure compatibility with Toshiba platforms. You can maximize the performance of your offerings for specific Toshiba hardware configurations.
  • Enhanced skills and visibility - We offer a free, comprehensive, and flexible range of online training resources. These resources enable you to sell and support complete IT solutions based on Toshiba products designed to meet the very latest customer requirements. 
  • A growth engine for your business - Above all, becoming a member of the Toshiba ISV Partner Program is about growth. You’ll have access to our direct and indirect sellers that will make it easy for retail customers to discover what you have to offer and take advantage of it. The ultimate reward for establishing a successful long-term relationship with us.
Together Commerce Alliance ISV Partner Program Benefits

The Together Commerce Alliance for Solution Partners is focused on building relationships with companies who have a solution that is complimentary to the Toshiba portfolio. It enables Toshiba to recognize different types of partnerships based on how the company engages with Toshiba and the solutions it is developing for the marketplace. All Solution Partners are recognized and promoted through Toshiba’s Partner Directory.

  • Generate market interest for your Software
  • Use of Together Commerce Alliance ISV Partner Emblem
  • Listed on Toshiba’s Partner Page as a Together Commerce Alliance ISV Partner
  • Potential to showcase your solution with Toshiba at shows and conferences 
  • Evaluation hardware to test your solution
  • Toshiba hardware for demonstration, development, and lab systems
  • Technical support and porting assistance 
  • Collaboration with Toshiba in joint marketing activities, social media, and digital campaigns
  • Toshiba Promotional Gear and Branded Collateral
  • Lead Generation Activities – participation in Toshiba Webinars, Marketing campaigns, Partner Briefs, eMail Marketing 
  • Toshiba Partner Portal Access
  • Marketing on Demand Site Access
  • Joint Whitepaper development (Toshiba/ISV solution)
  • Participation in geo-specific ISV Sales Incentive programs1
  • Possible use of Toshiba resources for ISV User/Partner Conferences
  • Use of the Toshiba Customer Innovation Studio for briefings with joint clients2 
  • In-person briefings at the Raleigh, NC, USA Innovation Studio2
  • Enhanced global virtual conference experience using Toshiba’s advanced Customer Innovation Studio resources  
  • ISVs who refer a new client to Toshiba that also results in a press release could likely have their software featured in the Toshiba Customer Innovation Studio or regional or virtual briefing center.

1 Where announced or available in your country / region
2 Reservation based on availability


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