May 24, 2016 •

Merrick Wang, Vincent Hsieh, Leo Lee, Shun-Te Yu

During shopping in a supermarket, it is normal to search for some information from websites via smart phones. Some supermarkets also provide mobile applications to deliver some information and customers can search it with smart phones. We can provide an embedded battery in a cart grip. Customers can connect their mobile devices with cart grips and charge those devices. 

Extending the mobile device battery life for customers while shopping in supermarkets is a fundamental idea. It can be extended to other applications via battery embedded in shopping cart grip. 

The idea is to embed battery cells into shopping cart grip and include a universal mobile connector & shelf. Customers can plug and put their mobile on the structure and charge their mobile battery. With long battery life, customers can stay in supermarket for long time. 

Yellow area means the battery embedded in cart grip.


Embedded Battery in Cart Grip

TGCS Reference 0093

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