State of Convenience Store Industry

March 10, 2022 -
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Webinar: State javascript:;of the Convenience Store Industry

In today’s environment, convenience retailers need to be nimble and offer services to their customers that they expect. Fortunately, customer expectations align well with the value proposition of the convenience segment, so an opportunity exists to grow and innovate.

In this conversational webinar, Incisiv, Intel, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, and Xenia Retail will discuss the findings of its latest study and a deep dive into how the Convenience Store industry can position itself for long term success.

  • The Legacy Hangover: How have legacy systems hampered the ability for convenience retailers to meet customer expectations.
  • The Labor Dilemma: How the segment can help alleviate the long-term implications of a shortage of labor through technology.
  • The Self-Service Imperative: Learn how next gen self-service technologies can meet multiple business objectives and not require heavy re-platforming or extended rollouts.

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