McAfee® Security Solutions

Downtime resulting from malware attacks and other security breaches can cost you more than money. That’s why you can rely on McAfee security to give you peace of mind.

Meet McAfee® Security Solutions.

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McAfee Embedded Control Info:

  • Dynamic whitelisting trust model keeps systems secure
  • Assured system integrity managing memory, application and file structures
  • Real-time change tracking control with audit trail
  • Small-footprint, low-overhead provides “deploy-and-forget it” security
  • Integrated, closed loop, real-time compliance and audit control
  • Available on Microsoft Windows


Dashboards and reports help you meet real-time compliance and audit requirements


Enterprise-class architecture supports complex IT environments


Detects changes in real-time and provides visibility into the sources of change


Effective immediately after installation, so you can deploy and forget

McAfee Endpoint Security

Enable multiple defenses to collaborate, providing stronger threat insights to prevent and fight threats.

McAfee Endpoint Security

  • Real Protect – Machine-learning behavior classification detecting zero-day threats
  • Intelligent, Adaptive Scanning to respond to and manage virus threats
  • Proactive Web Security – Ensures safe browsing with web protection and filtering
  • Dynamic Application Containment to defend against ransomware and greyware
  • Centralized management software provides a single console to monitor, deploy, and manage

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