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Toshiba Corona Virus Business Impact

Due to the growing and expanding Coronavirus situation in Asia and globally, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is anticipating potential supply chain interruptions impacting our ability to produce and fulfill products as originally planned and committed.  Much of the world’s electronics parts supply base has roots in China and Asia, and we are in the same position.

We are working with our key suppliers to assess the current potential impact, including: raw materials, component parts, manufacturing/assembly plants, labor and the intra China and out bound logistics disruptions.  Currently, most of our suppliers expect to have their workforce returning to their office beginning Feb 10th.  That is subject to further direction from the Chinese government.  We take this situation seriously, and with full transparency we want to make sure that you – our customers and partners – have full visibility to the potential impacts. We will continue to monitor and assess these specific impacts based on forthcoming information that will start flowing into us during the week of Feb 10th.

At this time, we feel confident in providing a rolling two week confirmation of the current commitments.  We will provide these weekly on Thursday’s. Throughout this situation, our thoughts go out to all those impacted and all working hard to contain and get us through this unfortunate crisis

Steven Mensch
SVP Global Supply Chain
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

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