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Toshiba Showcases Cutting-Edge Solutions and Sponsors Grocery Research Speakeasy Event at Groceryshop 2023

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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, one of the most trusted strategic partners for many of the biggest names in grocery worldwide, will exhibit its best-in-class portfolio of solutions at booth #1050 at Groceryshop 2023 from September 19-21, 2023, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Groceryshop guests will experience Toshiba’s newest solution, the ELERA Security Suite, and a wide range of hardware, software, and service capabilities, all designed to enable retailers to reimagine, accelerate, and differentiate their shopping experiences.

“Toshiba is a global leader in retail technology that is helping grocers rapidly adapt to meet evolving consumer needs. Our range of cutting-edge solutions, like the new ELERA Security Suite, use of the latest innovative A.I. and computer vision technology to empower retailers to effectively address their most critical challenges, including shrink and labor shortages,” said Mike Puma, Director of ELERA Solution Sales. “At the same time, these innovations enable important connections with shoppers providing more enjoyable and personalized shopping experiences to keep them coming back.”

New research and data into the grocery industry can empower retailers to make informed business decisions and strategic plans to help them achieve their goals. Guests who visit Toshiba’s booth can request access to exclusive research just completed in partnership with Incisiv on valuable grocery trends, insights about the role of technology, and the evolution of the industry. Surveying U.S. and Canadian grocers, some of the key findings include:  

  • 79% believe it is important to offer shoppers a seamlessly unified experience across digital and physical channels - but 83% lack a unified digital and physical architecture
  • 97% say using computer vision for customer behavior analytics is important 
  • 96% believe it is important to implement computer vision for inventory and store management in the next 1-2 years

Retail experts will explore these research findings and much more at the Groceryshop Incisiv Speakeasy sponsored by Toshiba. The event on September 20, 2023, at 6 p.m. is an opportunity for grocery executives to explore the unique findings of the study as Toshiba continues to redefine industries through insights and solutions. Interested grocery executives can preregister or come to the Toshiba booth for an opportunity to gain exclusive access to this invitation-only event.

At the Toshiba booth, Groceryshop guests will experience live demos that unify in-store operations by powering self-enablement, expanding in-store interactions, improving the customer experience, and delivering profit protection through A.I. Toshiba’s solutions are designed providing retailers to transform their operations to:

  • Combat multiple forms of shrink and provide consumers with enhanced checkout experiences through the new ELERA Security Suite that utilizes computer vision and EDGE cameras with advanced A.I. technology.
  • Increase store productivity and minimize operational expenses with the TCx® 900, Toshiba’s newest point-of-sale system that provides advanced technology offerings through a powerful modular system in a compact design.
  • Support frictionless and customized shopping experiences through innovative self-checkout solutions featuring full self-checkout systems and flexible kiosks compatible with frictionless technologies, including biometric checkout, mobile payments, and item recognition.
  • Actively predict, diagnose, and resolve issues with Toshiba’s world-class global services featuring Proactive Availability Services that enable retailers to activate intelligence about their retail store systems quickly and remotely.

As the grocery industry undergoes rapid transformation, retailers are responding with innovation to win the attention and loyalty of shoppers. Toshiba’s latest white paper focuses on the key drivers of this paradigm shift, and retailers that prioritize understanding and meeting shopper expectations are better positioned to enhance customer satisfaction, gain a competitive edge, and increase their overall business success.

About Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions:
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions empowers retail to thrive and prosper through a dynamic ecosystem of smarter, more agile solutions and services that enable retailers to resiliently evolve with generations of consumers and adapt to market conditions. Supported by a global organization of devoted employees and partners, retailers gain more visibility and control over operations while enjoying the flexibility to build, scale, and transform retail experiences that anticipate and fulfill consumers’ ever-changing needs.

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Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Tec Corporation, which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

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